Tips for renting a Lake Tahoe Ski Lease

A ski lease is the best way to enjoy the ski season at Lake Tahoe.  Booking a ski lease provides a home base for winter fun, no more trying to book a last minute hotel room or vacation rental. 

Know the location 

Knowing the area you want to rent in is very important, you will most likely want to be close to the mountain where you hold a pass, this will save you driving/traffic time and frustration. 


Home or Condo

There are some differences when choosing the type of ski lease you want to book.  The cost of most condos is lower than homes, not only is the rent less (most of the time) you also save money on pre-paid items such as snow removal, trash, hot tub fees and more.  As well as effort, most condo associations shovel their complexes so you do not have to deal with that chore.  On the flip side, you may want more privacy that a home can offer as well as a large sleeping capacity and sometimes a garage. 


Start early 

When looking for a ski lease start your search early in the year, March/April is a good time. If you are new to ski lease you will want to get your name on a waiting list as most places are repeatedly booked by the previous season’s renters.   If the previous season’s renter is not coming back you will be at the head of the line to be contacted for a new lease. This also gives you time to get your group together.


Selecting your dates 

Knowing exactly when you want your lease to commence and the end is ideal for management companies, that way they can fit you with the home/condo that will fit your needs base\d on availability.


Plan Ahead

Ask the property management company for all of the costs up front, this can include the rent amount, deposit, pre-paid items due to the owner (internet, firewood, trash, snow removal, etc.), utility costs and any fees that may be associated with the lease.  Also, make sure you know when these amounts are due.

Keep in Contact

Keep in contact with the management company so that you don’t miss a due date for rental amounts. Also, let them know the exact day you will arrive as they can turn on the heat and lights for your arrival as well as making sure there is a key ready for your access.


Taking Possession

Once you are in your ski lease, make yourself at home and relax you are set for a season of fun family and Tahoe skiing (assuming it snows) .  Most management companies will provide you some kind of list to note things that may not be working properly or are missing/broken.  You will want to note these things or let the company know to have them fixed so that you are not charged when you depart.